Adrienne Alden

Marriage and Family Therapist

Adrienne Alden is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from the nationally accredited program at Pfeiffer University. Adrienne has a passion for working with diverse cultures, backgrounds, and lifestyles. Adrienne prides herself in being direct and compassionate with clients.

She has worked for years with couples in relational distress. Her hope for therapy is to help clients see their part in troublesome relational patterns. She will assist clients in their journey to learn a new way of engaging. She seeks to understand how client’s backgrounds and upbringings have created the framework for their current situations. Adrienne seeks to get below the surface of a problem and help clients become more connected to themselves and others. Adrienne uses a collective approach with clients, combining attachment and psychodynamic theory and mindfulness.

Adrienne has had extensive training in Mindfulness and meditation and welcomes anyone who wants to learn more about it. She is experienced in working with communication struggles, high conflict couples, mismatched libidos, pelvic and genital pain disorders, premature ejaculation, delayed or difficulty with orgasm, erectile dysfunction, trauma recovery, life transitions, affair recovery, eating disorders, parenting adolescence, family of origin exploration, religious and spiritual exploration, gender role exploration, cultural influence, sexual orientation questioning.

Before working with couples Adrienne spent years working with individuals struggling with eating disorders and body image struggles. She has spoken at local churches, universities, and community groups about healthy sexuality and relationships.

Adrienne is a live music junkie and is always planning a trip.

When appropriate Adrienne includes yoga poses in therapy to help clients become more comfortable and connected in their bodies. Adrienne also offers hour long personalized couples yoga sessions to learn about communicating and touch in a fun and safe way.

Carrie Roberson Fasola

Marriage and Family Therapist

Carrie Roberson Fasola is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and has a Master’s degree from the nationally accredited Marriage and Family Therapy program at East Carolina University. Stemming from her dual degrees in Psychology and Women and Gender Studies from North Carolina State University, Carrie has a passion for empowering women and men to embrace their authentic selves. Drawing on over ten years of experience in practice, Carrie joins her clients in seeking relief from the destructive cycles of criticism, defensiveness, stonewalling and contempt to find peace in autonomy and closeness in relationships. Carrie has extensive training in research based approaches, specifically, Emotionally Focused Therapy and Gottman Techniques to help even the most stuck couples find renewed intimacy.

An AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, Carrie has a deep understanding of the sexual and power struggles a relationship can face. With an interest in Medical Sex Therapy, Carrie works with sexual dysfunction of all types to bring relief from years of disconnection to one’s body and in the couple’s sexual relationship.

Carrie works with individuals to identify patterns that contribute to unwanted symptoms, such as depression and anxiety, and to heighten awareness that keeps them from repeating these patterns. She has a special interest in helping couples and individuals navigate through affair recovery and compulsive sexual behaviors to find connection through vulnerability. Through the pain often found in relationships, Carrie fundamentally believes we are given the opportunity to offer ourselves toward the care and healing of others.

Out of the office, Carrie enjoys traveling with her family, in particular to compare beaches around the world; her favorite being Wrightsville Beach, NC! Carrie enjoys a good Netflix and chill on the weekend after spending time outside with her family. A native North Carolinian, she loves all things Southern.

Kate Double


Kate Double is a fully licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) and she has a range of experience in couple’s counseling, sex therapy, trauma work, and mental health treatment. She works with individuals and couples, using a variety of therapeutic techniques. She has a strong focus on issues related to relationships, communication, affair recovery, emotional disconnection, trauma, sexual orientation, gender identity, loneliness, divorce, family transitions, aging parents, anxiety, depression, sexual assault, domestic violence, male sexual dysfunction, and female sexual pain disorders, to name a few.

Kate has a BA from Bard College in New York and an MSW from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She is currently enrolled in the Institute for Sexuality Education and Enlightenments Holistic Sex Therapy program to further advance her clinical sex therapy practice. She is trained in EMDR. Kate is a member of the National Association for Social Workers (NASW); International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy (ICEEFT); North Carolina Association for Clinical Social Work (NCACS); and Society for Sex Therapy and Research (SSTAR).

When not working, Kate enjoys spending time with her two teenage children, travelling, reading, hiking, and fostering dogs.

Lauren Campbell headshot

Lauren Campbell


Lauren Campbell is a licensed clinical social worker and certified psychotherapist who specializes in enhancing the sexual and emotional lives of individuals and couples.

Lauren expresses her therapeutic approach in both an empathetic and challenging way. This guides her clients to consistently strengthen without feeling overwhelmed. This is essential for her as she knows that discussing vulnerable topics such as sex and intimacy can be tough or scary. Special areas of interest and experience for Lauren include helping her couples improve their emotional and sexual connection, helping couples and individuals to navigate changes/adjustments in their relationships, families, careers, health, and libido to ensure the connection not only stays connected, but evolves with time. Specific areas of sexual health Lauren addresses includes sexual functioning issues such as pelvic pain or pain with sex, difficulty with orgasm, changes in libido due to disconnection, hormone changes, unresolved trauma, anxiety/depression, or other life changes, erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, mismatching libidos, and navigating both the medical and psychological pieces of sexual functioning.

Each client, whether individual or couple, is treated from a holistic approach- mind, body, spirit. This allows Lauren to help manage all the pieces of a person’s life that could be potential barriers to fully embracing emotional or sexual health as an empowering connection. She will provide a clarifying view of how clients could be functioning in healthier and more helpful ways through exploration of both current life factors and upbringing. She does this through using the latest neuroscience research to explain the mind-body connection, helping clients get unstuck in areas they feel hopeless and helpless. Lauren also combines research based therapeutic approaches such as attachment theory, family systems theory, and emotionally-focused theory, creating tailored direction for every client based on varying needs.

Lauren also has training and experience in using trauma informed yoga and mindfulness to treat anxiety, depression, body image issues, and low self worth. Lauren believes that sometimes therapy needs to involve different strategies in order to be the most productive. Lauren graduated from the nationally accredited clinical social work program at Binghamton University in New York. She is an involved member of the Triangle community, volunteering her time speaking at different events and on radio programs focused on improving the well being of those in the local areas.

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