HER Ambassadors

HER Health Collective is always looking to welcome passionate and driven moms to the HER Health Collective Ambassador team. We are looking for mothers who:

  • Enjoy connecting and building relationships with other women
  • Are able to make others feel welcome and like planning and hosting a variety of events
  • Are able to contribute approximately 5-10 hours a month to HER Health Collective
  • Are passionate about a holistic approach to health, empowering women, and respecting the authentic story of each mother and are excited to share that passion with others.

Our Ambassadors are a part of the HER Health Collective family.  Our ambassadors are doted on by the HER Health Co team with plenty of love, swag, continuing education, and special discount opportunities.  While many ambassador programs are unpaid, we are excited to offer our ambassadors the opportunity to earn a little extra spending money through commissions and bonuses throughout the year in addition to all the other benefits of being a HER Ambassador.   

This is a great opportunity for any mom who would like to be involved in their community, build new friendships with other moms, and love putting on a good party or get-together.  This is a great way to network with experts and businesses in the community and keep a resume updated with relevant skills. 

We believe in creating a tight-knit community with our ambassadors and are looking for women who are team players and are excited about the HER Health Collective mission to revolutionize the way moms take care of themselves.

Whether you are a Stay-at-home-mom or working full time, have a wee-little 3-month-old or a child on the verge of adulthood, we want you!  

Please fill out the application and we will be in touch to set up an interview.