Let's Work Together

HER Health Collective is committed to connecting moms with trusted resources and providers in the community. Motherhood is overwhelming; finding trusted support shouldn’t be.

We have a variety of ways we work with doctors, therapists, counselors, coaches, nutritionists, etc. 

HER Expert Panel

Our HER Expert panel is selected at the beginning of each calendar year based on a rigorous nomination and vetting process. 

These panelists are brought together several times during the year to collaborate and collectively envision ways we can improve postpartum care in our country. They each provide a variety of valuable resources and learning opportunities for our community of moms throughout the year.

An expert must be nominated to be considered for the HER expert panel. We begin accepting nominations in October of each calendar year and conduct interviews through November.

Do you know an expert or provider that should be considered for the HER panel? Do you yourself feel you should be considered?

HER Wellness Minute Providers

Our HER Wellness Minute Providers are featured experts given exclusive opportunities to share their knowledge and expertise with HER members and followers. We only feature one Wellness Minute Provider at any given time and develop a deep relationship with these providers. They are offered a variety of ways to meet and work with our community of moms.

Many Wellness Minute Providers are later invited to join our Expert Panel.

Would you like to learn more about our Wellness Minutes Program? We’d love to chat! 

HER Circle Scholarship Supporters

The HER mission is to foster Health, Empowerment & Respect for EVERY mom. One of the biggest ways we do this is through our supportive membership community, HER Circle. 

We want HER Circle to be accessible to as many moms as possible, but of course it takes funds to provide the level of care and support we offer our moms. HER Health Collective is proud to offer the benefits of a HER Circle membership to moms in financial need through our scholarship program. 

Generous donations to our Share the Love Fund from our business supporters, individuals, and especially our sustainers have helped us offer scholarships to moms in need. Thanks to our 1 to 1 matching program, every $100 donation is able to fund a full year’s membership for a mom in need.

Interested in helping a mom change the way she takes care of herself and enjoy the support of a welcoming community? You can help “share the love” by supporting our Share the Love fund. 100% of donations go toward scholarships that provide membership opportunities and a supportive community to moms in need of financial assistance. 

Our local business supporters and sustainers are offered several options for shout -outs as a special thank you!

"Mama Needs a Moment"
Podcast Supporters

The Mama Needs a Moment Podcast is a much loved piece of the HER Health Collective brand. It is how we connect moms with experts, resources, and trusted information. It is fun and helps us further build and connect our amazing community and we absolutely love the relationships we are able to build through this platform. 

Hosting a podcast takes a lot of time, effort, and money! From paying for platforms to editing, Mama Needs a Moment is only possible thanks to our generous podcast supporters and sponsors.

If you are a business, therapist, coach, or other provider of services and mothers make up your target audience, we encourage you to apply to be a Podcast Sponsor. 

*We are very selective of our podcast sponsors, and only advertise for those businesses and providers who align with our mission and core values.

HER Spotlight - Favorite Triangle Area Businesses

We love highlighting local businesses in our HER Spotlight series (Note: spotlights are also available for online businesses, even if they are not local to the Triangle area). 

This is a great way to get your business in front of a very engaged and active community of moms. These are moms that love supporting local small businesses and are eager to learn about all the amazing offerings from local business owners.

It is important to note we are very selective of the businesses we will spotlight and do not accept all applications. We only share businesses with our community that we truly trust and believe in.

Interested in learning more? Please fill out an Interest Form and we will be in touch to hear more about you and your business.