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Using Drama Therapy to Facilitate Healing and Growth

Paraphrasing from Shakespeare, “All the world’s a stage and all men and women are merely players,” Barbara Kaynan, Licensed Drama Therapist, finds that is the best way to describe drama therapy. Barbara continues to explain how drama therapy is used to weave trauma-informed psychotherapy interventions with artistic modalities to facilitate individuals & communities toward healing & growth.

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Healthy Shame vs. Toxic Shame

Healthy shame says, I am me and I’m still a really great person, but here’s a way that I want to show up differently or better. Toxic Shame says, I am a terrible person, a terrible mom, a terrible woman, and I have not accomplished things in the way that I want to and it’s my fault.

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Why We Shouldn’t Call Kids “Shy”

Most of us were raised to believe that being “shy” was an undesirable personality trait. Dr. Hilary Mandzik shares why we shouldn’t call Kids “shy” (& why “shy” behaviors are actually a GOOD thing!)

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Gain a Deeper Understanding of Fertility Massage

Navigating fertility, whether you are just beginning, or have struggled for longer than you would like, is something that can carry a heavy emotional burden. Fertility massage is meant to be a relaxing and therapeutic addition on your fertility journey.

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You’re More Than Your Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Occupational Therapists look at the whole person and how roles and routines impact lives. Few OT’s also work with pelvic floor dysfunction and how emotional and mental health also impacts physical health. Kyrsten shares her professional journey to becoming an Occupational Therapist specializing in pelvic floor therapy, and how it all stemmed from her personal experience.

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