Eva Miller


Eva Miller is a registered art therapist and licensed professional counselor in Raleigh, NC.   Her professional roots began at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where she received a BA in studio art with a concentration in printmaking.   Following that, she worked at a grassroots nonprofit in CT that provided services to families affected by HIV/AIDS.    Eva has always believed in the healing power of the arts, and using art and creativity in her work with families experiencing loss solidified her desire to pursue art therapy.   She trained at Pratt Institute in NY, receiving a masters degree in Art Therapy & Creativity Development in 1999.  Her work has taken place in a variety of settings including community organizations, nonprofits, teen support groups, psychiatric hospitals, medical hospitals, schools, and eating disorder facilities.

In April 2013, Eva opened Triangle Art Therapy, a private practice located in a bright and sunny art studio in Raleigh where she works with teens and adults.   She especially enjoys working with women and her philosophy is that the arts facilitate insight, growth, and healing.   Her dog “Bruno” often joins her in the studio and enjoys witnessing the creative process.  Eva enjoys art herself (especially creating big and messy projects), reading, Bruno walks, garden/flowers, travel and adventure.

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