Jenna Somich

CPT & HAES certified Trainer

Movement has always been a part of Jenna’s life.  She started gymnastics at age 2.5 and it became her passion. As she got older, Jenna played around with different sports: skiing, running, swimming, weight lifting and more. Movement was always a space to connect with herself and gain strength (mental and physical). 

After college Jenna was a Nanny in the busy Los Angeles industry. She loved supporting families during their experiences and transitions. Those experiences also pointed out to her how much life would shift when/if she became a parent. Jenna also observed that Mothers were not given enough support in postpartum and beyond. After working as a Nanny, she returned to her movement background and worked as a Personal Trainer and Coach at a gym in LA. She received her CFL1 certificate before becoming a Trainer and Coach full-time. Jenna worked with all individuals but was extremely passionate about working with women, pre-teens, and teens. 

Upon moving to Raleigh, Jenna completed the BIRTHFIT Coach Seminar and became pregnant with her daughter, Lily, just 3 months later. She was able to apply her BIRTHFIT training directly to her own pregnancy, birth, and postpartum (and beyond). Simultaneously, Jenna worked as a Coach at TriangleCRC. During this experience she was able to Coach countless Moms through their experiences and transitions and also worked closely with Dr. Lindsay Mumma, as well as the entire staff at TriangleCRC. Jenna gained so much knowledge through that experience, both as a professional, and as a new Mom. Starting in 2021 she branched out on her own and started supporting individuals at Current Wellness as well as at Neuse River CrossFit. 

In the past 2 years Jenna has taken the Active Life Immersion Program, the The Pelvic Health, Pain, and Performance Intensive by RX Physio, the HAES Trainer Intensive led by Brit Guerin at Current Wellness. Additionally, Jenna is in the process of completing the Girls Gone Strong Pre/Post Natal course, as well at the Menopause For Athletes course by Dr. Stacy Sims. 

Her movement approach is very much centered around the unique individual in front of me. We all come to movement with a unique story, considerations, wishes, wants, needs, and goals. She loves to help support individuals in building the strength that already lives within them.