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Lauren Campbell is a licensed clinical social worker and certified psychotherapist who specializes in enhancing the sexual and emotional lives of individuals and couples.  Clinically trained using research-based therapies, Lauren brings expertise and objective insight to each session.  She is known for being a genuine and caring person who creates an accepting place to address any issue/challenge you have.  

Lauren expresses her therapeutic approach in both an empathetic and challenging way.  This guides her clients to consistently strengthen without feeling overwhelmed. This is essential for her as she knows that discussing vulnerable topics such as sex and intimacy can be tough or scary.  Special areas of interest and experience for Lauren include helping her couples improve their emotional and sexual connection, helping couples and individuals to navigate changes/adjustments in their relationships, families, careers, health, and libido to ensure the connection not only stays connected, but evolves with time.

Specific areas of sexual health Lauren addresses includes sexual functioning issues such as pelvic pain or pain with sex, difficulty with orgasm, changes in libido due to disconnection, hormone changes, unresolved trauma, anxiety/depression, or other life changes, erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, mismatching libidos, and navigating both the medical and psychological pieces of sexual functioning.

Each client, whether individual or couple, is treated from a holistic approach- mind, body, spirit.  This allows Lauren to help manage all the pieces of a person’s life that could be potential barriers to fully embracing emotional or sexual health as an empowering connection.  She will provide a clarifying view of how clients could be functioning in healthier and more helpful ways through thorough exploration of both current life factors and upbringing.  Her understanding of how each person’s upbringing and past relational experiences can bring confusion and uncertainty in current areas of life makes room for clients to better their relationships.  Both with themselves, and others.

She does this through using the latest neuroscience research to explain the mind-body connection, helping clients get unstuck in areas they feel hopeless and helpless.  Lauren also combines research based therapeutic approaches such as attachment theory, family systems theory, and emotionally-focused theory, creating tailored direction for every client based on varying needs.  

Lauren also has training and experience in using trauma informed yoga and mindfulness to treat anxiety, depression, body image issues, and low self worth.  Lauren believes that sometimes therapy needs to involve different strategies in order to be the most productive.  And has dedicated herself to always learning from both continued education/training, as well as learning directly from her work with clients.

Lauren graduated from the nationally accredited clinical social work program at Binghamton University in New York.  She is an involved member of the Triangle community, volunteering her time speaking at different events and on radio programs focused on improving the well being of those in the local areas.

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