Dr. Lisa N. Folden


Dr. Folden is a licensed physical therapist and mom-focused lifestyle coach. As a movement expert and women’s health advocate, Dr. Lisa works to help busy moms find their ‘healthy.’ The owner of Healthy Phit Physical Therapy & Wellness Consultants in Charlotte, NC, Dr. Folden works with clients recovering from orthopedic and neurological injuries. Additionally, she assists busy moms seeking a healthier lifestyle by guiding their food, exercise and wellness choices through optimal organization, planning strategies and holistic goal setting.

In addition to managing a private practice and being a wife, Dr. Lisa is a #PhitMom of three and published author of “Healthy Made Easy: The Ultimate Wellness Guide for Busy Moms.” Her book provides women with busy lifestyles, the tools to carve out time for wellness with meal prepping support, quick exercises on-the-go, social eating suggestions and more.

A regular contributor to online and print articles on topics related to health, wellness, self-care, motherhood, pregnancy and pain, Dr. Lisa has had the distinct honor of being featured in Oprah Magazine, Shape Magazine, Livestrong, Bustle and several others. Dr. Lisa has a sincere passion for helping women live their very best lives. When she’s not working, you can expect to find her reading mystery novels, creating workout routines or enjoying nature via hiking or bird watching.