Welcome, her circle members!

We have designed this community with you in mind.

You’re here and we couldn’t be more excited about it! We are moms. We understand how contradictory mom’s life can sometimes feel. It’s happiness and heartache. It’s rewarding and upsetting. It’s adoration and frustration. It builds you up and tears you down. 

It’s “I always love you but I don’t always like you.”

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We believe that every woman needs and deserves the support of genuine connections and authentic relationships with other women.

HER Circle is your hot cup of coffee that you usually drink cold, your deep breath even though you’re swimming underwater, your educated answer to a never silly question, your gateway to experience when you felt that door was closed, and your source of fuel when you thought your tank was empty. 

Having a strong social network that includes emotionally supportive and trusting relationships can help parents better navigate the ups and downs of life. Come in and join us. Our only request is that you come as yourself and enjoy the journey!

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Stay accountable

Monthly Challenge

Every month we will put forth three personal challenges for you!  You can accept one, two or all three of the challenges and make them your focus for the month.  We aim to hit on every facet of your life over the course of the year, with the purpose of bringing more health, enjoyment, and self-care into your life. 

Please share your wins (and misses) with us each month in the Member Facebook Group! Share with us what you’re doing and how it’s going.  Your stories can help other moms find the motivation to try something new and help each of us stay accountable as we reach for our goals.

May 2023!

The May challenges have you hydrating, creating traditions and asking for help!

Each challenge is discussed in depth within the May Challenge Action Plan PDF.



Start every morning with a full
glass of water to get your systems moving (yes this means even before your coffee), check the color of your urine throughout the day, and listen to your body and its thirst signals.


New Traditions

Create one NEW springtime or Mother’s Day tradition with your children. Caveat: if you already start a garden every spring with your children, that doesn’t count (for this challenge). The novelty of this is an important piece of this challenge, and we encourage you to try to get creative.


Ask For Help

Pause and think through your day
each morning. Decide on one thing that really doesn’t have to be on your plate. One thing that you can ask someone to help you with (or perhaps it’s something that doesn’t actually need to be done right now, or maybe even at all). Now is a great time to reprioritize our ideas of what must be done and the self- imposed deadlines we give ourselves.

May Challenge
Action Plan

Print out this PDF File to create your own May Challenge Action Plan. Remember, a plan that is written out is far more likely to see follow through!