Taking Mommy

As moms, you tend to put everyone ahead of yourself. With all that you need to do, don't forget to take time for self care! Dr. Erkeda DeRouen provides some tips by using the word "self care" as an acrostic poem and downloadable image.

By Dr. Erkeda DeRouen, MD

Dr. Ereda DeRouen is a Board-Certified Family and Lifestyle Medicine physician that serves as a thought leader in healthcare innovation. She is passionate about merging the humanistic aspect of medicine with the new field of emerging technology. She has been able to utilize her gift of listening, communicating, and connecting the missing pieces across the organization on several occasions. Dr. DeRouen’s unique skillset of healthy equity expertise, service of underserved populations, HIV management, transgender care, and lifestyle medicine, brings a diversity to the realm with a goal to shake up the landscape to provide quality, safe care to all who seek it. Dr. DeRouen continues to advise pre-med and medical students for over a decade. She hosts a podcast focusing on hot topics in medicine and the admissions process for pre-meds and medical students. She is a member of the Board of Directors for Young Mothers’ Inc and Girl Develop It, Inc, both empowering women to overcome obstacles, network, and grow.

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