Reduce the Picky Eating Struggle

It’s important to understand that picky eating is normal for young children. A child may eat a whole lot of one food one day, and the next day they are all about another food. Children use intuition to pick the foods that they are going to eat. Maggie explains this using research and how to minimize the eating struggles.

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Introduction to Intuitive Eating

Through her work as a Dietician, Anna Lutz was introduced to the concept of Intuitive Eating. This approach has gained traction over the past couple of years. Anna provides an introduction to the principles of Intuitive Eating and the need to change our culture around how we eat.

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Raising Body Confident Children

Renee’s greatest passion is helping women and girls be confident in who they are and believe in themselves. She shares three actionable steps to help raise children with body confidence against a culture that most often does not portray reality.

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