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Share the LOVE Fund

Together, we are striving to change the ideals of motherhood. Every mom should have access to trusted resources, quality care, and an authentic community.

HER Circle offers a supportive community & expert resources designed to revolutionize how a mom takes care of herself. We believe every mom needs and deserves this opportunity. You can help “share the love” by supporting our Share the Love Fund. Contributions support our scholarship program for moms who may need financial assistance.

100% of Share the Love Fund donations go toward scholarships providing membership opportunities and support to moms who may not be able to afford a membership otherwise. We are dedicated to our mission to serve as many moms as possible. Every contribution is matched by HER Health Collective dollar for dollar, which means every $100 donated is matched by us and a scholarship is made available to a mom in need.
*Please note that HER Health Collective is a for-profit business, so your contribution is not tax-deductible. Thank you for supporting the big social mission of our small business!
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HER Circle Scholarships
are available

Do you know someone who could benefit from a supportive community but is currently experiencing financial hardship? Please encourage her to fill out the scholarship application and we will reach out.