Stretching After Purposeful Foam Rolling

HER Self-Care Series

Christina and Brian Hagan of Healthy Steps NC return to share their expert knowledge on muscles, foam rolling and stretching after your foam rolling session. When applied, these methods will help correct posture, reduce the chance of injury and make your time more effective with Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy & Chiropractic care by effectively supplementing their efforts.

With Christina & Brain Hagan

Christina and Brian are back to use their knowledge in NeuroMuscular Massage from Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy (CIMT), to briefly recap on why foam rolling is important for our muscles and how it reduces the chance of injury. They explain what causes dysfunction, trigger points and scar tissue.


If you missed their first session with us, it is called Purposeful Foam Rolling, which touches on foam rolling the most common areas of muscle pain.


In this session, they provide a more targeted focus on foam rolling & stretching the chest and shoulders, which are frequent problem areas for moms. Christina & Brian explain why moms often struggle with pain in these areas. They provide useful stretching techniques to accompany the foam rolling practice which work to improve posture and supplement the work done on the roller.


They are passionate about sharing how a natural approach can support a family’s path towards health and wellness.


To see the focus tools that they often recommend to their clients and follow them on their social media channel please go to this link.

Christina & Brian are both graduates of the Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy and have since worked in the Rehabilitative Massage and wellness Education field. Brian started the massage program at Raleigh Orthopedic’s Sports program, was the official massage therapist for the Carolina Hurricanes Hockey Team for several years and has worked with the NC State Athletics Department from 2006 – present. He currently sees many professional and semi-professional athletes at his office, HealthySteps for Sports and NeuroMuscular Massage. Christina is a Fully Certified C.A.R.E. Instructor and has been teaching nationally since 2006. She is trained in Lymph Drainage by The Chikly Health Institute and The Academy of Lymphatic Studies. She provides Manual Lymph Drainage to athletes, post-surgery clients and clients with compromised lymph systems. Together they created Healthy Steps, which is their massage therapy practice and Your Healthy Steps where they offer various courses based on their Purposeful Foam Rolling program and other areas of expertise.

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