3 Tips for Intuitive Eating

Christy Maloney, Registered Dietitian, and Owner of Enhanced Nutrition Associates discusses her top three tips for intuitive eating.

By Christy Maloney, RD, LDN, CEDS-S, CPT


Hi, my name is Christy Maloney and I’m a registered dietitian, and owner of Enhanced Nutrition Associates. Today I wanted to come on to talk with you a little bit about my top three tips for intuitive eating.  

You want to take as good care of yourself as you take of everyone else.

TIP #1

The first tip, reject the diet mentality. Just because you’ve always dieted does not mean that you always have to. Think about what dieting has taken away from you, and what you want to change to have your best relationship with food and body.

TIP #2

Tip number two, get in touch with your hunger and fullness cues. Notice what you’re craving. Notice what your body is telling you. The key to doing all of this is to work on doing it non judgmentally. You’re not bad. If you’re hungry, you’re not bad. If you’re craving cake, those things are fine. It’s just data. It’s neutral.

TIP #3

And the third tip is to cultivate body respect. Take good care of yourself. Get to your doctor’s appointments, engage in joyful movement, meaning moving your body in a way that you like, get your rest engaged in fun.


The biggest thing to remember is that if mama goes down, the whole ship goes down. So you want to take care of you to live your best life. And remember, you want to take as good care of yourself as you take of everyone else.

Christy Maloney is a Registered Dietitian specializing in helping those with eating disorders and disordered eating in Charlotte, NC. Christy earned a BS in psychology from Wingate University. Following a career in banking and finance, becoming an RD was a second career for Christy. After completing coursework for a BS in Human Nutrition and her dietetic internship, Christy has been an RD since 2011. In January, 2019, she opened her own practice in Charlotte, NC, Enhance Nutrition Associates, devoted solely to the treatment of eating disorders at an outpatient level. Christy has become a Certified Eating Disorders Registered Dietitian – Supervisor (CEDRD-S), now the CEDS-S certification . This credential shows Christy’s expertise and experience in the field. She also is an iaedp approved supervisor for other dietitians looking to obtain their CEDS certification.

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