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Welcome to HER Health Collective!

Cindi and Crissy here, the faces behind this collaborative effort. Pull up a chair, grab a glass of water, sweet tea, wine, or that “lukewarm” cup of coffee mothers everywhere have grown accustomed to, and join us on this crazy, beautiful, and sometimes overwhelming journey we call motherhood. 

pieces of the motherhood puzzle

We know firsthand that children are not born with instruction manuals and there are no clear paths to follow regarding health, raising a family, and building genuine relationships. Our journey through motherhood thus far has opened our eyes to the lack of authentic support, trustworthy information, and sense of community common in previous generations.

the overwhelming truth

The medical community and Dr. Google provide access to an abundance of health information; however, it’s often overwhelming, time-consuming, and exhausting to filter through the clutter to find resources we can trust. At times, we have both struggled to effectively advocate for ourselves and our families as we attempt to navigate a disconnected healthcare system.

We aren't on an island

We found that in sharing our story with others, we felt a unique connection and sense of relief at not being alone on this journey. Our stories connect us, ground us, and provide a degree of healing not easily found through other means. We provide a platform in which women can share their stories and discover the Perfectly Imperfect woman we each have inside of us.

what we know

  • We know that our system is underserving mothers.  
  • We know that women are being put on a back burner once their child is welcomed into the world. 
  • We know a change is needed. 
  • We know a woman cannot achieve true health unless treated as a whole woman, cared for in body, mind, and spirit.
  • We know a woman can be empowered to better care for herself and her family if she is provided trustworthy knowledge and a supportive and welcoming community.
  • We know a woman must embrace her authentic self and respect her unique story in order to truly come into her own and be comfortable in her own skin.

At one time or another in our motherhood journey, we have both felt loneliness, helplessness, overwhelm and exhaustion. On a daily basis, we both experience the wide range of emotions that occur with raising children. We are on this journey with you. 

We invite you to join us in building a supportive community for mothers and together change the conversation around postpartum care. Always remember — we are stronger together!

In Health, Empowerment & Respect,
Cindi and Crissy


Founded by two North Carolina moms

Cindi Michaelson


Cindi has made healthy movement a priority in her life. Her working experience spans both the non-profit and for-profit sectors. It wasn’t until leaving her corporate job and the birth of her first child that her career in the fitness industry began. In 2011, she became a pre and postnatal fitness instructor and then further pursued certifications as a Personal Trainer, Barre Fitness and Fitness Nutritional Coach. In the beginning of 2019, after working as a fitness professional for 8 years, she stepped away from her role to study with the Integrative Women’s Health Institute to become a certified Women’s Health Coach. She is passionate about educating, supporting, guiding and encouraging women to connect with their innate knowledge of their body.

Crissy Fishbane


Crissy is a Certified Personal Trainer, Therapeutic Exercise Specialist, and Wellness Coach specializing in training postpartum women. Crissy believes in using a holistic approach to women’s health and is a strong advocate of improved screening and treatment of perinatal mood disorders.  She is passionate about every woman learning to love herself exactly as she is, flaws and all. She loves working to build a supportive community for women based on genuine connections. Crissy enjoys being outside, working on DIY projects with her family, going on adventures with her young daughter, and traveling as often as possible. You can almost always find her with a book in her hands, running shoes on her feet, and rocking a pair of comfy yoga pants!

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