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Kate Double, MSW, LCSW & EMDR Trained

Sex, Dating, and Love for Single Moms

Whether one is a single mom by chance or choice, life and love have gotten very complicated. There is a lot of conflicting advice out there about dating and sex as a single mom.

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Laura Henson, RD, LDN

Intuitive Eating and Self-Care

In times of stress, our bodies are in fight or flight mode. When we have inadequate nutrition, this places even more stress on our bodies. How do we care for ourselves when we feel overwhelmed and exhausted and know that we are still far from getting back to “normal”?

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Dr. Polly Watson, MD, FACOG, NCMP

A Detailed Discussion On Detox

Women are bombarded with information on detox. It is a modern day buzz word. Dr. Watson breaks it down for us and provides details on what happens in the body, why it’s important for women, common mistakes and low risk ways to detox.

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Dr. Lindsay Mumma, DC

The Habit of Predicting the Future

It’s as if we use a predictive text feature in our brain. It’s challenging to see how things will play out without any assumptions or judgments of what’s coming next. But if we release the assumptions and judgements we may find that our future looks much brighter.

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Dr. Polly Watson, MA, FACOG, NCMP

Demystifying Perimenopause

Perimenopause and Menopause are not the same. Dr. Watson explains the difference between the two terms, the changes occurring in the body during Perimenopause, and the different approaches used by professionals to ease symptoms.

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Dr. Amanda Seavey, PhD

Self-Improvement vs. Self-Acceptance

We are wired to want and need acceptance, love, and belonging. One of the single most important people to ever accept us… is us. But self-improvement is not the best way to get to self-acceptance, nor is withholding self-acceptance a good way to motivate us towards self-improvement.

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