Ep. 11 Nourishing Your Mind & Body While Minimizing Stress w/ Katherine Andrew

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Katherine Andrew is a Registered Dietician with a Masters Degree in Public Health and practices using a Functional Nutrition approach. This means evaluating how a client’s body is functioning as a whole unit rather than individual parts. She integrates all parts of health, both physical and mental into her work. Katherine works with clients to identify and address health concerns, navigate food sensitivity, explore body image, evaluate and improve hormone health, maximize stress management, and restore their relationship with eating so they can thrive. Each client is approached individually to help create a realistic and sustainable plan. Katherine dives deeper into her method of helping clients, the concepts of meal mapping, mitigating stress and breaking apart the messages portrayed by society in regard to health.

  • Katherine’s path to becoming a Registered Dietician
  • Most common struggle moms come to her with
  • Meal mapping
  • Nourishing the mind and body during stressful times
  • Shifting society’s messages of health
  • Instilling body positivity in our children
  • Katherine’s biggest struggle as a mom
  • Katherine’s advice to moms

Katherine Andrew – Nourish to Flourish

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