Ep. 25 Being the Queen of Pivots and Cultivating Exceptional Humans w/Chasta Hamilton

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Kind, driven, and passionate are adjectives that describe Chasta Hamilton. She is also an entrepreneur, author, speaker, educator and mom, who believes in using her experiences to empower and inspire others to reach their fullest potential. Chasta is ambitious. She’s the owner of a non-profit called Girls Geared for Greatness and also owns two dance studios called Stage Door Dance in Raleigh, NC. Recently, she authored her first book called Trash the Trophies where Chasta discusses the competitive dance industry with its biased scoring, skimpy costumes, toxic rivalries, no regulation and standardization. A life in the performing arts has equipt Chasta with the ability to see all of its powerful benefits as well as flaws and applies the lessons to guide others toward success.

In this episode you will hear us discuss:

  • Chasta’s internal dialogue when she’s faced with difficulty in life and her advice on how others can put that same positive attitude and adaptability into practice.
  • The statement “bend to your circumstances. Look them in the eye and give them a wink,” and how parents can teach their children to benefit from this advice.
  • Making the decision to not have her dance studios participate in competitions and the benefits she’s noticed on her students because of this decision.
  • Discussing the reverse gender inequality within the competitive dance industry and why she thinks we are still stuck in this rigid mindset.
  • How to make sure we are promoting dance in a way that encourages inclusion.
  • What fueled her desire to begin her nonprofit Girls Geared for Greatness and how to get involved.
  • Chasta’s message she wants every mom to hear.

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