Ep. 27 – How to Navigate a Career and Home Life w/ Krisna Guyton

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Are you feeling pulled in different directions with all you need to accomplish in your role as a parent? Krisna Guyton, wife, mother of three, nurse, and entrepreneur not only lives life with a positive and upbeat attitude, but she strives to help moms recognize their value while assisting them with learning ways to be intentional with their time and energy. In this episode, Krisna shares how her teenage pregnancy, premature child, the move across states and nursing career ultimately lead to the start of her business, My Parenting Partners. She shares life lessons and gives pointers on having an upbeat attitude in life through all it throws at you.

In this episode you will hear us discuss:

  • Krisna’s path to becoming a nurse and how the birth of her premature son solidified this decision.
  • The lessons Krisna has learned as she strived to complete school with two babies and how the lessons continue to be applicable today.
  • Krisna’s journey through perinatal depression and how the experience influenced the decisions she’s made throughout her postpartum period, professional career, and as a mother.
  • Her journey to creating My Parenting Partner’s as a way to serve and help parents.
  • Krisna’s openness regarding her barriers to accessing equality of care from a mother’s perspective as well as a healthcare professional.
  • How Krisna navigates life’s challenges and disappointments, and finds her way back to the upbeat attitude she exudes.
  • The message Krisna wants all moms to hear.

My Parenting Partners

Krisna’s interview with Spectacular Magazine

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