Ep. 29 – Lessons from an Elite Athlete on Perseverance & Healing w/Caroline Kratz

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We all have stories of who we are prior to becoming a mom and who we grow to be while parenting. Life is about experiences that lead to wisdom. Our guest this week is Caroline Kratz. Caroline was a former US Rowing National Team athlete and two time Olympic Trials participant prior to having her five children. Today, Caroline continues to challenge her athleticism and shares her knowledge through coaching. She has an in-depth understanding of the benefits of cold water immersion. Caroline shares details of difficult situations in her life and how she’s coped through the struggle. It is an open discussion of bravery, perseverance, triumph, self-knowledge and forgiveness.

**This episode contains content that may be triggering to some listeners and is created for adult audiences only. We advise listener and reader discretion for discussion of mental illness, eating disorder, suicide and sexual abuse.

In this episode you will hear us discuss:

  • Caroline discusses her athletic accomplishments and what it was like for her to manage the physical demands of training at such an elite level.
  • Detailing the experience emotionally and mentally when she ultimately didn’t make it to the Olympics and how she processed that disappointment.
  • The tremendous pressure that “snap-back” culture has on women and how Caroline was also influenced by its demands.
  • Looking in hindsight, if Caroline would approach any aspect of her postpartum period differently.
  • Cold water immersion – what it is, the benefits it can have on the body, and how she uses it as a tool to optimize her personal wellness.
  • Caroline’s upbringing and how generational influences impacted her childhood, as well as how she is choosing to parent her children differently.
  • The major traumatic experiences that have left a footprint on her life.
  • Coping mechanisms she developed in order to deal with the trauma.
  • Whether the trauma she experienced continues to instill fear in her marriage and parenting.
  • Caroline’s message she wants all moms to hear.

Cold Water Immersion at Triangle Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Center with Caroline

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