Ep. 30 Postpartum Care, Battling Burnout & Barriers to Care: A Roundtable Discussion

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Today we are delighted to discuss how mothers can best navigate the postpartum period, who should be a part of that postpartum care support team, how parents from different socioeconomic backgrounds can access the care they need, different approaches to finding balance in life (particularly as a parent), and how to approach difficult parenting decisions when overwhelmed by information from outside sources.

The second HER Health Collective Roundtable of 2022 featured the following HER Expert panelists:

  • Emily Chaffee – Certified Birth & Postpartum Doula, Massage and Bodywork Therapist, Certified Educator of Infant Massage, Fertility Specialist, founder & owner Carolina Birth & Wellness
  • Blair Cuneo – Functional Medicine PA
  • Kerry Jones – RD – Pediatric and Maternal Nutrition – Milestones Nutrition
  • Maris Feeley – Birth and Postpartum Doula and co-owner of Carolina Birth & Wellness
  • Erayna Sargent – Founder Hooky Wellness
  • Dr. Lisa Folden – Licensed Physical Therapist, NASM Certified Behavior Change Specialist, owner Healthy Phit Physical Therapy
  • Katherine Andrew- RD – Digestion and Hormones – Katherine Andrew Nutrition
  • Dr. Florencia Segura – Pediatrician at Einstein Pediatrics
  • Dr. Holly Durney – Physical Therapist – Women’s health and orthopedics
  • Dr. Erika Aragona – Dual board-certified family medicine physician with a focus on preventive medicine and women’s health

Today’s episode includes a discussion of the following topics:

  • The ideal postpartum support care team & models from other countries
  • Balancing work and parenting, avoiding burnout in all spheres of life
  • Dealing with pressures from outside sources to have a family of a certain size, have more kids, etc.
  • Importance of setting boundaries around social media use
  • Understanding your family’s values and using that as the guidepost in making family decisions

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