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HER Circle Membership

What do I get when I join HER Circle?

The benefits of having a monthly subscription to HER Circle include:

First dibs on our live, virtual expert-led workshops and Expert Q&A’s. Join in the conversation and enjoy the chance to get your questions answered by an expert in real-time. Members also get exclusive access to all past expert sessions, so you can watch and learn on your own time — you know, while you’re doing the dishes or wrangling the kids to brush their teeth — never missing out on a thing.

Join an incredible group of women that are welcoming, supportive, genuine, and fun! Our members are personally invited to several social events each week that includes (but are not limited to) playdates (for both working and stay-at-home moms), mom’s night out, volunteer opportunities, family adventures, conversation circles, and learning experiences with local women’s health experts. Many of these events are offered virtually, so moms from anywhere can join in the fun! We also offer in-person socially distanced events for small groups of moms in the Triangle area.

The chance to join one of our Charity Teams filled with other amazing, like-minded moms. As a team, these women work together to create, organize, and manage fundraisers and volunteer opportunities for local charities.  Many of our moms say this opportunity to give back and become a part of something bigger than themself is one of their favorite parts of HER Circle.

Enjoy exclusive discounts and special offers provided by our fab Perk Partners. These are all hand-picked local businesses that go above and beyond to serve moms in the community. We rotate these perk partners quarterly so you have a fresh batch of discounts to sample regularly. By using just a few of the Perk Partner Promotions in a month, your subscription has likely paid for itself.

Connect with other moms in our private Facebook group where you can participate in fun monthly challenges, ask questions, share parenting memes, get reminders that seem so perfectly timed it’s like someone was reading your mind, and basically just remind you that you aren’t alone on this crazy hard journey of motherhood.

I would love to buy my mom/sister/friend/colleague a HER Circle membership. Do you offer gift memberships?

Yes! Absolutely!  We think a HER Circle membership makes a phenomenal gift for all the moms in your life. You will see the option to “purchase as a gift” at checkout.

I’m not local to the Triangle. Can I still join HER Circle?

Absolutely! We would love to welcome you into HER Circle. We offer a ton of virtual events every week, including all of our expert sessions and several social events. Many of our perk partners also offer discounts and specials that can be redeemed online and used by moms that live anywhere.

Who is HER Circle for?

HER Circle is for ALL THE MOMS. We can’t stress this enough. We have members that are moms of a newborn and moms with grown children that have moved out of the house and have kids of their own (aka Nanas, Memaws, and grandmas)! 

We welcome moms that are breastfeeding and formula feeding. We welcome moms of every race, religion, ethnicity, and parenting style. We feel strongly that we can learn from others and believe that respecting each mom’s unique story and background is essential to weaving the beautiful tapestry that should make up this circle of strong women.  

We welcome moms that are eager to learn from trusted experts, make authentic connections with other women, and become a part of something bigger than herself.

What is the HER Circle cancellation policy?

A HER Circle member can cancel at any time with 30 days advance notice. Simply email with the subject heading: Cancel Membership. Include the name your membership is under and your subscription will be canceled the following month.

I am having trouble with my account page/ payment/ member page. What should I do?

We are happy to help. Email with the subject heading: Member Support. Include the name your membership is under and we will respond as quickly as possible.


Can I attend a HER Circle event before joining?

Absolutely! We offer a couple of events each week that are open to the public and would love to have you join us. Of course, the member-only events do have a special vibe to them and we would love to have you join us for one of those events as well. Feel free to email us at to let us know you want to check out a member-only event and we will gladly get you set up!

I am interested in an Expert Q&A session but am unable to make it at the time it’s being offered. Can I find a recording of it somewhere?

All of our Expert Q&A sessions are recorded and available to HER Circle members from the member homepage.

What kind of social events does HER Circle offer?

We offer a ton of different events every week. We continuously ask our members what type of events they would like and we work hard to make them happen. We encourage you to go take a peek at our Calendar of Events and see all of the events we have coming up and some of the fun we’ve had in the past.

HER Experts

I am a mom and am interested in learning more about one of the HER experts. How do I get in touch with HER experts and professional contributors?

Head to our Expert Directory to search our database of vetted experts and professionals.

How do I nominate an expert to be a Professional Contributor or expert panelist and added to the Expert Directory? I am an expert. Can I nominate myself?

A nomination form must be filled out for consideration. 

Expert Panelists are selected once a year and will go through an interview and vetting process. Professional Contributors are added to our team throughout the year. Professional contributors can later be considered for a role as an Expert Panelist. 

Professionals are welcome to complete the nomination form for themself if they would like to be considered.

Who is on the 2020 expert panel?

Check out our phenomenal 2020 HER Expert Panel.

What is the difference between Professional Contributors and HER Expert Panelists?

Professional Contributors are local professionals that have undergone a rigorous application and vetting process in order to join our team as a professional contributor.  They provide exclusive online content for HER Circle members and their content & contact information is listed on our Expert Directory. 

HER Expert Panelists are nominated once a year, interviewed and personally invited by the HER Health Collective team to participate on a panel of 12 local women’s health experts. These panelists participate in a quarterly roundtable discussion on a variety of women’s health issues, provide expert content for our website and host in-person workshops for local moms. These panelists are leaders in their respective industries and are committed to collaborating in an effort to change the conversation around postpartum care.

Perfectly Imperfect

How do I submit a mom story for the Perfectly Imperfect Blog?

We would love for you to submit your story to be published in our Perfectly Imperfect blog. We are always looking for moms willing to share a meaningful experience, useful insight, or eventful story about motherhood. If you think your words will encourage, comfort, or bring joy to other moms, please consider submitting your story! Sharing stories is valuable and can be cathartic to both the reader and the writer. 

There are specific content writing guidelines that must be adhered to. Please review the guidelines closely before submitting.

Do I have to be a HER Circle member to contribute to the Perfectly Imperfect Blog?

Not at all! We will gladly accept Perfectly Imperfect Blog submissions from all moms.

Getting Involved

I like to know about the organizations I support. What are HER Health Collective’s core values and overall mission?

HER Health Collective’s core values include:

Health – We believe in supporting the whole woman – body, mind, and spirit.

Empowerment – We believe women are empowered when they have access to a supportive community and trustworthy knowledge.

Respect – We believe every woman’s story is unique and her authentic self should be acknowledged and respected.

HER Health Collective’s overriding mission is to improve the care mothers receive by providing a supportive community and offering access to trusted resources. 

We know women are being underserved in the current system.  We believe that creating an open conversation amongst experts and healthcare professionals will move the needle forward and start creating the necessary changes to provide women with the care they need and deserve.

Do you have chapters in other locations? I want to be a bigger part of this. Can I open a chapter of HER Circle in my hometown?

Currently moms from any city can join HER Circle and enjoy our virtual offerings. Moms in the Triangle region of North Carolina can enjoy our in-person social events. 

Coming soon we will be offering in-person events in other cities as well. If you are interested in speaking to us more about this opportunity please email the HER Health Collective team your interest at

I am a local business and would like to be a perk partner. How do I get involved?

We rotate our perk partners each season and are always looking to partner with great local businesses that go above and beyond to serve moms.  You can email us your interest at

I am a local non-profit or charity and would love to receive support from HER Health Collective. How do I get my organization on the radar of HER Health Collective’s moms and the Charity Teams?

We are always looking for local charities and do-good organizations to partner with.  Our moms love to give volunteer hours each month through our volunteer opportunities (especially if it can involve the whole family). Our moms also enjoy organizing fundraisers for various local charities through our Charity Teams.  

Please reach out to the HER Health Collective team at

I am a local mom and am interested in your ambassador program. What does an ambassador do and how do I get involved?

Our ambassadors are a treasured part of our community. These women help facilitate our social events and keep our charity teams moving forward.  They also help spread the word of all the amazing things HER Circle offers to moms. In turn, our ambassadors receive a small commission for every mom that signs up using their unique code.

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