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Four Postpartum Must Haves For Every Parent

While there are plenty of great physical items that are helpful in the postpartum period, it’s important to also prepare some things internally for this challenging phase of life. Here’s a list of four postpartum must-haves every parent should prepare before the birth of their child.

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Internalized Fat Phobia

Larger bodied people are discriminated against in the workplace, educational environments and even in the medical setting. So, it makes sense that the vast majority of us see fatness (or the appearance thereof) as something to be avoided at all costs. By maintaining these internalized feelings, we are perpetuating the harm done to people in larger bodies and ultimately, to everyone.

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Food and Mood

Our relationship with food is complex, as is our body’s response to our culinary choices. We hope that our bodies can effectively digest food and absorb its nutritious content, but how do we know if it’s not?

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Holidays, Food and Kids – Your Questions Answered

Do you worry or feel stressed about your child’s eating around the holidays? If so, you’re not alone. Food is a big and important part of the holiday season. Feeding children can be challenging when we’re in a “normal routine”. However, traveling or having family come to visit can present added challenges with feeding, especially for pickier eaters.

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2021 Winter Roundtable: Exposing the Harmful Expectations of Motherhood with a Dose of Reality w/ HER Expert Panelists

In our final Roundtable of 2021, the panelists are exposing the harmful expectations of motherhood and confronting the unrealistic and unachievable ideals. Our goal through this discussion is to help moms recognize and manage the expectations. The experts strive to help moms to establish in advance what is realistic so disappointment is minimized and moms can feel more secure in their abilities.

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