Resources for Moms

Basic Postpartum Recovery

Many new moms are eager to jump back into an exercise program as soon as they get the all clear from at their 6-week postpartum visit. Dr. Holly Durney has a number of exercises she suggests moms incorporate into their rehabilitation before jumping back into an exercise program.

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Creating a Space for Yourself as a Mom

Taking up space is a buzz statement these days. When Dr. Folden talks about it, she means it literally and figuratively. Moms are worthy of creating a special space that’s just for them. Dr. Folden discusses how and why to make this happen.

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2021 Fall Roundtable: Unpacking Diet Culture & Body Image w/ HER Expert Panelists

The third HER Health Collective Roundtable of 2021 focused on exploring diet culture and body image issues.⁠ Our quarterly roundtables bring the HER Expert Panelists together to share their knowledge and discuss important health topics that affect mothers. It’s our hope that shedding light on this important topic and having open discussions like this, will help reduce the number of women who are silently struggling.

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Why We Should Ditch the One Bite Rule

Have you ever told your child, “you need to take just one more bite?” If so, you are not alone! While the one bite rule may seem innocent enough, research has shown that the one bite rule is potentially harmful for children, especially those that are underweight or picky eaters.

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Motherhood and The Battle Against “Thin Ideal”

When was the last time you ate consciously and freely without calculating or rationalizing your food choices? If it’s been longer than you care to admit, you’re not alone. We live in a culture that’s consumed with weight and body image, which is especially detrimental to mothers who have a heart to “do it all” and look like a picture of perfection.

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My Child Has ADHD. Do I Have it Also?

Many adults have suffered in silence with undiagnosed ADHD. In my practice, I have diagnosed hundreds, if not thousands, of children and adolescents with ADHD. During that process there was one question that was almost always asked by concerned parents: “Could I also have ADHD?” Simply put, YES!

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