Dr. Erika Aragona

2022 HER Expert Panelist

Dr. Erika Aragona is a dual board-certified family medicine physician with a focus on preventive medicine and women’s health.

In addition to a full time practice, she serves as adjunct faculty at Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine where she teaches women’s health. She holds an additional degree of a Bachelor of Arts in English, and has used her experience in medical and creative writing to publish a book, A Certain Innocence, as well as author several pieces in national journals including Medscape, The DO, KevinMD and Alpha Phi International.

She serves as an expert physician consultant with appearances on national television and social media and writes articles and produces videos for multiple health and wellness companies. Her passion is making medicine cheerful, and with her website, dr-erika.com, she highlights female entrepreneurs as well as discusses positive aspects of medicine. Her goal is to have a social media presence as an engaging physician who makes medicine fun and relatable to everyone. She lives in Idaho with her husband and two children and enjoys vacationing in the mountains, mom’s-day-out spa days and playing with her French Bulldog puppy, Rosé.