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Dr. Lisa Folden

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2021 Expert Panelist, 2022 Expert Panelist


The physical therapy side of my business provides rehabilitative care to clients recovering from illness, injury, chronic and congenital conditions through exercise, therapeutic activities, manual treatments, modalities and patient education. We are beginning to specialize in weight inclusive care…offering and catering services to those in large bodies as well as those in recovery from eating disorders.

The coaching and consulting side of my business offers virtual health & body image coaching to clients seeking improved health without the shame, restriction and toxicity of diet culture. We cultivate and encourage positive health behaviors that improve overall wellness from a holistic perspective without focusing on weight loss, body size or body changes. We are aligned with Health at Every Size®️ (HAES®️) and practice from an anti-diet perspective to promote intuitive eating, joyful movement and a more positive body image.
In addition to coaching, we offer speaking and workshop facilitation services to small and large groups, both in person and virtually.

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    2021 Expert Panelist, 2022 Expert Panelist
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