The Expert

Maggie Perkins


I'm a dietitian and I'm here to help you and your family enjoy healthy eating.

I use Intuitive Eating to help people find food freedom, end the dieting cycle, reduce food guilt, and improve nutrient variety. I help families make mealtimes more enjoyable with specializations in picky eating and baby-led weaning.

I am a weight-inclusive dietitian which means that my service is free of weight stigma and I do not use weight as an indicator of health or a measurement of success. I work to educate my clients and community on the research that shows the harm in weight-based interventions.

Together we can empower ourselves and our future generations to know that our bodies are good and food is an enjoyable part of self-care.

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  • Accepting New Clients
  • Virtual Therapy
  • Prescribes Medication
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