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Beyond the Screen Time Battle

It’s a new world. Kids growing up now have a completely different world versus generations of the past. We have new technology and the brain is being exposed to stimuli we’ve never experienced before. As a heart-based attachment parenting coach, one of Paula Kettula’s major concerns is the erosion of the parent-child relationship and social skills due to screen time’s impact. Paula provides insight on how to move beyond screen time battles.

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Helping Children Deal With Grief

We cannot protect our children from ever feeling the pain of loss but we can help them manage the pain and express their emotions. Nicole Wallace discusses how to identify the signs of grief at different age ranges, engaging your child in healthy forms of grief expression, ways to encourage conversations about grief with children.

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Stress, Hormones & Immunity

Our healthcare system is broken. We are doing the same things and expecting different results. Our focus has been on diagnosing and treating the problem, not discovering the root cause.

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Expert Q&A: Ask a Gynecologist

Dr. Erin Grey is a board-certified Ob-Gyn who practices the full scope of obstetrics and gynecology. Dr. Grey discusses some topics that she commonly talks about with her clients and answers questions from the participants in regard to female pelvic and reproductive health.

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Pediatric Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Dr. Moses and Dr. Saunders discuss the pediatric population and pelvic floor muscle dysfunction. They clearly and concisely break the discussion up into sections on the topics of daytime wetting, nighttime wetting, constipation, psychological considerations, and treatment options.

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Intro to Creating Your Own Tinctures and Salves

Becky shares her brilliant knowledge in herbalism by providing details on ways to make tinctures and a salves. She provides education on the medicinal and healing properties of many common herbs & plants that are easily accessible. The skills shared in this session can be put to use immediately.

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Talking to Children about Race

Dr. Ronda Taylor Bullock will help attendees understand that children begin making meaning of race at very early age. She will share why educators, parents, & guardians should be focused on having race-based conversations with kids and demonstrate how her organization navigates these tough conversations using literacy-based strategies.

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Protecting Your Child’s Mental Health

Our children are little barometers for how we are doing. They are going to be soaking up what is happening in their environment and soaking up what we are expressing to them. Sara discusses how to best support our children and protect their mental health as we navigate uncertainty.

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Artistic Practices For Your Wellbeing

Wellness is a hot topic these days and Susie Silver offers a new spin on the subject. This one-hour expert session is an informative, interactive, and relaxing introduction to the world of creative practice for wellness.

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