Dr. Louise Metz

Dr. Louise Metz PROVIDER CREDENTIALS Dr. Louise Metz is an Internal Medicine Physician who has expertise in the medical management of eating disorders and gender-related medical care. She is the

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Jessica Altemara headshot

Jessica Altemara

Jessica Altemara Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) Jessica is an IBCLC, wife and mother of 4, who personally struggled to breastfeed. She is a former support group leader and a doula (birth

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Lauren Campbell headshot

Lauren Campbell

Lauren Campbell MA, LICENSED CLINICAL SOCIAL WORKER Lauren Campbell is a licensed clinical social worker and certified psychotherapist who specializes in enhancing the sexual and emotional lives of individuals and

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Adrienne Alden

Adrienne Alden MA, LICENSED MARRIAGE AND FAMILY THERAPIST & REGISTERED YOGA TEACHER Adrienne is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from

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Polly Watson headshot

Dr. Polly Watson

Dr. Polly Watson MD, FACOG, NCMP Dr. Polly Watson is a board certified OBGYN who has been refining her practice of women’s medicine for almost 20 years. After graduating from

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Eva Miller

Eva Miller MPS, ATR, LCMHC Eva Miller is a registered art therapist and licensed professional counselor in Raleigh, NC.   Her professional roots began at the University of North Carolina

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Erika Grace headshot

Dr. Erika Grace

Dr. Erika Grace PT & Pelvic Health Dr. Erika Grace graduated from Duke University School of Medicine with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy and completed sub-specialty clinical training in pelvic

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Dr. Lindsay Moses headshot

Dr. Lindsay Moses

Dr. Lindsay Moses PT & Pelvic Health Dr. Moses is the Clinic Director of Grace Physical Therapy & Pelvic Health’s Raleigh location. She received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from

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Dr. Lindsay Mumma headshot

Dr. Lindsay Mumma

Dr. Lindsay Mumma Chiropractor Dr. Lindsay Mumma is the owner of Triangle Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Center in Raleigh, NC. She is a chiropractor with a special interest in rehabilitation and women’s

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Dr. Elizabeth Sierakowski

Dr. Elizabeth Sierakowski PROVIDER CREDENTIALS As physician and owner in the North Raleigh office of Essential Health and Wellness, Dr. Elizabeth Sierakowski is committed to the pursuit of excellence in

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