Tidal Movement Workout & Donations for National Forest Foundation

We can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday morning! Join us for a fun outdoor (socially distanced) Tidal Movement Workout with HER Circle perk partner, Current Wellness. Be sure to use your March perk to sign-up for the class for free!
We will be accepting donations before and after class for The National Forest Foundation’s Tree Planting Campaign. $1 plants one tree on a National Forest in need of tree planting. And, for every $1 invested, the U.S. Forest Service provides $2 of value in project support and implementation.
If anyone is feeling up for it we will grab a socially distanced cup of coffee somewhere nearby afterwards.
Class begins at 9:30 am in Moore Square. Be sure to sign up in advance as space is limited!
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Conversation Circle: Helicopter Parenting & Kids’ Health

Has protective parenting gone too far? Several high-profile news stories, along with increasing rates of childhood obesity, anxiety and depression, have sparked a movement encouraging parents to allow their children greater freedom. The nonprofit Let Grow is leading the call for what’s known as “free range parenting,” in which kids can just be kids.

This conversation circle is based on the 9 minute PBS segment “Why Helicopter Parenting May Jeopardize Kids’ Health.”

We encourage you to view the clip prior to attending so that you may fully participate in the conversation!


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This member event is being offered as a donation-based event for Non-members with all contributions going to support our Share the Love Fund to offer scholarships for HER Circle memberships to moms in need.

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