Postpartum Care, Battling Burnout & Barriers to Care: A Roundtable Discussion

The second HER Health Collective Roundtable of 2022 discusses how mothers can best navigate the postpartum period, who should be a part of that postpartum care support team, how parents from different socioeconomic backgrounds can access the care they need, different approaches to finding balance in life (particularly as a parent), and how to approach difficult parenting decisions when overwhelmed by information from outside sources.

Dismantling Snapback Culture in Motherhood

Snapback culture says that after having a baby, a woman should somehow and immediately “snapback” into her previous body or possibly even a “better” (read: thinner and/or more toned) body. It is rooted in diet culture and patriarchy. It’s time to dismantle snapback culture.

Three Tips for Managing Your Expectations in Motherhood

There’s a possibility that you have a plan for what you think motherhood is going to look like. That can be anywhere from the pregnancy, to getting them off to college and more. The problem with planning a whole lot in motherhood is that we don’t have quite as much control as we’d like to believe that we do. Dr. Lisa Folden tips for managing your expectations in motherhood.

Internalized Fat Phobia

Larger bodied people are discriminated against in the workplace, educational environments and even in the medical setting. So, it makes sense that the vast majority of us see fatness (or the appearance thereof) as something to be avoided at all costs. By maintaining these internalized feelings, we are perpetuating the harm done to people in larger bodies and ultimately, to everyone.

Creating a Space for Yourself as a Mom

Taking up space is a buzz statement these days. When Dr. Folden talks about it, she means it literally and figuratively. Moms are worthy of creating a special space that’s just for them. Dr. Folden discusses how and why to make this happen.

Wellness Versus Diet Culture: How Do I Know What’s What?

Diet culture has long ruled over the fitness and health industry. So, how do you know which companies care about self-love, body positivity and acceptance and which ones are just trying to profit by making you feel unhealthy? Look for these telltale signs to determine if a company embraces wellness or if it’s rooted in diet culture.

Improving Equitable Outcomes In Maternal Care – Roundtable

We have a system that is not adequately caring for our mothers, particularly black mothers. This is a fact that needs to be heard far and wide, and we need all parties to take part in a conversation to figure out the best way to deal with this crisis.⁠

Mother Comes First

It’s time to expose and debunk some of the common motherhood myths that suggest mothers should always be selfless, exhausted, and happy about it.