Defining and Learning About Food Neutrality

In this interview, we discuss the benefits to embracing food neutrality. It is a mindset that helps your overall relationship with food. Christy Maloney details the concept, how it helps and the easiest way to start embracing this mindset.

Dismantling Mainstream Media’s Nutritional Messages

Mainstream media sends us a particular message about nutrition, Katherine shares a couple of those messages that we seem to hear quite frequently from the mainstream media and helps to give us some ways that we can think about nutrition a little bit differently.

Motherhood and The Battle Against “Thin Ideal”

When was the last time you ate consciously and freely without calculating or rationalizing your food choices? If it’s been longer than you care to admit, you’re not alone. We live in a culture that’s consumed with weight and body image, which is especially detrimental to mothers who have a heart to “do it all” and look like a picture of perfection.

HER Expert Panel Summer Roundtable

HER Health Collective roundtables provide an opportunity for us to bring our panel of experts together to discuss important issues that are relevant to mothers in our community. The topics discussed in this session include: Diet Trends, How Food Affects Us, Supplementation, Fasting, and Dietary Restriction.