Expert Q&A: Dr. Lisa Folden

Join us for a session on managing physical pain, appreciating body changes, setting holistic goals, strategically organizing your life, and so much more!
This Expert Q&A is an opportunity for HER Circle members to hear from one of our expert panelists and then ask their own questions.
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Dr. Lisa N. Folden is a licensed physical therapist and mom-focused lifestyle coach. As a movement expert and women’s health advocate, Dr. Lisa works to help busy moms find their ‘healthy.’ The owner of Healthy Phit Physical Therapy & Wellness Consultants in Charlotte, NC, Dr. Folden works with clients recovering from orthopedic and neurological injuries. Additionally, she assists busy moms seeking a healthier lifestyle by guiding their food, exercise and wellness choices through optimal organization, planning strategies and holistic goal setting.
In addition to managing a private practice and being a wife, Dr. Lisa is a #PhitMom of three and published author of “Healthy Made Easy: The Ultimate Wellness Guide for Busy Moms.” Dr. Folden is also an advocate of Health at Every Size and body appreciation.
A regular contributor to online and print articles on topics related to health, wellness, self-care, motherhood, pregnancy and pain, Dr. Lisa has had the distinct honor of being featured in Oprah Magazine, Shape Magazine, Livestrong, Bustle and several others. Dr. Lisa has a sincere passion for helping women live their very best lives.
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