Wellness Minutes w/ Parent Coach, Caitilyn Madeiros

Saturday, July 31st – 1-4pm (30-minute sessions)
Parent Coach Consults w/ Caitilyn Maderios
Caitilyn is a PCI Certified Parent Coach ®. She uses a powerful coaching model to assist parents in creating the family life they want, based on their own unique values, skills, and circumstances. In addition, Caitilyn is an instructor at the Parent Coaching Institue, helping other budding coaches along their journey. Prior to becoming a parent coach, Caitilyn taught elementary school for 16 years, working together with parents in support of their young children. She’s also a mama, and has done loads of research on gentle and respectful parenting models and methods. She is a great listener, and insightful questioner, and a cheerleader for parents making positive change.

Virtual Moms’ Night In: Chocolate Tasting

Being a chocolate taster is a tough job, but someone has to do it!
This online class is an introduction to how we learn to taste chocolate—the techniques, the flavors to look for, and the vocabulary to describe what you find. We’ll share best practices and discuss what types of flavors we often find in finished chocolate. Then you’ll put your newfound knowledge to the test by tasting a flight of five chocolates individually, and then participate in a group discussion about what we tasted. We’ll end by sharing our tips on how to improve your chocolate tasting palate.

BARS TASTED: you can eat as much or as little as you like!
Tumaco, Colombia 70%
Ambanja, Madagascar 70%
Maya Mountain, Belize 70%
Ben Tre, Vietnam 70%
Camino Verde, Ecuador 85%

Family Valentine’s Day Party

Bring the whole family to the Kiwanis Shelter at Fred G. Bond Metro Park on Saturday afternoon to have a fun Family Valentine’s Day Party!
We will have a craft for the kids and a game suitable for kids of every age (including you), and plenty of time for parents to have some social fun as well!
Each child will leave with a Valentine’s Day goody bag. We ask each family to bring enough valentines for each child attending. (Hand-made or store-bought are both great)!
Please share your child(ren)s name that will be attending in the comments below so that parents can be sure they have enough valentines.
This is a socially distanced outdoor member-only event.
Fred G. Bond Metro Park is beautiful! We suggest making a day of it and coming out early or staying a bit after to enjoy exploring the park!