MNO: Dinner at Whiskey Kitchen

HER Circle Members:
Join us for a fun Mom’s Night Out at Whiskey Kitchen. Enjoy the beautiful fall temps outside on the patio while catching up with your mom crew and having a delicious dinner and drinks!
* * * * *
This is a member event. Not a member of HER Circle yet but want to join us for an event to check out what we are all about? Send us a DM! We’d love to have you join us for dinner at Whiskey Kitchen!

Family Fun: Pumpkin Painting Party

HER Circle:
Grab the family and join us for a fun evening of pumpkin painting and playground time! Bring a picnic dinner to enjoy while at the park.
This is BYO Pumpkin and paint. We encourage festive attire!

MNO: Durham Mural Scavenger Hunt

Join us for a scavenger hunt of Durham’s beautiful Mural masterpieces. After splitting off into teams and finding as many murals in Durham as possible using our handy Mural Map, we will all come back together and meet for some social time at Bull McCabe’s Irish Pub (note this will be our starting point as well).
We hope you can join us for a fun Moms’ Night Out!

Private HER Workout at Red Dog CrossFit

Have you found yourself intrigued by the CrossFit craze, but always felt a little intimidated to go check out a class?
You’re not alone!
Join us for a private HER workout at Reddog Crossfit! Our trainer will show us the ropes and teach us about the Crossfit training methodology.
Come join us and let’s get sweaty together!
* * * * *
This is a member event.
Not a HER Circle member yet, but interested in checking out an event to see what it’s all about? We’d love to have you join us! Send us a DM and we will get you all set up!

Morning 5K

Join us for September’s 5K. We are going to move it to Sunday mornings for a few months to give some moms with different schedules a chance to join us!
We hope you can make it! All paces welcome! If some in the group want to jog and some want to walk, we will split up.
We will meet at the Lynn Road entrance at the bottom of the stairs (NOTE, this is not the Ray Rd entrance where the community center is).
This is a member event. Not a member of HER Circle but still like to join us for our 5K? Send us a message!

Wellness Minutes w/ Women’s Health Coach, Julie Keta

Julie is a Certified Women’s Health Coach with a passion for guiding Moms to flourish into their best selves. Julie’s coaching role includes helping moms uncover their strengths, ideas, resources, and the skills they bring to their health journey, while also becoming more aware of any challenges, weaknesses, or fears that may be holding them back from creating change. Ultimately, the collaborative coaching relationship is grounded in helping the Mom navigate the trickiness of lifestyle shifts in order to allow them to flourish into a life aligned with their vision for their unique health.

Virtual Breathwork Class w/ Jackie Bilancia

A breathwork class is approximately 45-55 minutes long, separated into three parts. This will be done over zoom 🙂

The first part includes a short five-ten minute introduction explaining how to do the active breathing technique. Jackie will demonstrate how to do the Belly, Chest, Exhale breathing and ask you to complete it before we get started. During this time, we will also set an intention for the class.

The second part consists of the active breathing portion. This lasts about 23-28 minutes. It is accompanied by positive, upbeat music played at a loud volume. I will be talking a little bit during the music and we will test to make sure you can hear the music and my voice at the same time. During this time, we will also do a primal scream. This will help us release any stagnant energy and release!

In the third part, the active breathing technique stops and our breathing returns to normal. Softer music is played and this time is used to process the healing that just occurred.

These are some of the contraindications for breathwork. If you have any of the following, please reach out to your primary doctor before our session.

Cardiovascular disease
Heart attack
High blood pressure
Retinal detachment
Recent injury or surgery
Any conditions for which you take regular medications
History of panic attacks, psychosis
Severe mental illnesses
Seizure disorders
Family history of aneurism
Coronavirus or flu-like symptoms

Jackie Bilancia is an occupational therapist, entrepreneur and breathwork facilitator. Jackie will be there during your session to guide you but what’s amazing about breathwork is that your body and breath does all the healing. Breathwork can assist with decreasing stress, anxiety, depression and increase your ability to tune into your higher self and gain clarity. The breathwork session will consist of 30-40 minutes of active breathing and approximately 10 minutes of resting breathing, all paired with a playlist designed for your group. Jackie will introduce and demonstrate the three part breathing technique used and she will be there with you every step of the way.

Wellness Minutes w/ Parent Coach, Carrington Cunnington

Carrington Cunnington is a PCI Certified Parent Coach® and graduate student in Marriage and Family Therapy. She coaches parents privately and speaks publicly on a variety of parenting topics. Her writing appears on,, and her own blog at She has also appeared in numerous televised interviews on Morning Dose TV, a nationally syndicated morning talk show out of Dallas, as well as various other national news outlets. Carrington is the mother of teenage triplets, two daughters and one son, who keep her on her toes every day. She loves spending time with her husband and children, enjoys hiking, biking, and horseback riding.

Field Trip: Family Adventure at the NC Zoo

HER Circle Members:
It’s time for a HER Circle family field trip! Join us for a day of family fun at the NC Zoo!
We aim to get there on the earlier side to beat some of the crowds. Join us as we visit the world’s largest natural habitat zoo!
The zoo is no longer requiring advance registration. Your ticket purchase is good for 6 months, so if for any reason you can’t make it day of your ticket will still be available for future use.
Buy your ticket here:
We will communicate on the private group page about where to meet on the actual zoo adventure day!
Hope you and your family can join us!
* * * * *
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