Mommy Bunch

A chance for moms to enjoy some social time with fellow moms from the comfort of their own home and on their own schedule!
Mommy Bunch is an open virtual event for moms with any age child! We hope you can join us online Tuesdays between 10 am and 12pm for some laughter and support from fellow moms.
Hop on the call at any point and leave whenever you need!
Open your laptop, pull up a chair, and enjoy a hot cup of coffee. Join from your desktop while you prop your feet up and relax. Or, hop on the phone while you eat the lukewarm breakfast you made for yourself two-hours earlier. Trust us… we’ve seen it all!
This is a casual gathering of moms, coming together and supporting one another when they are able.
HER member, registered nurse, and mom extraordinaire, Alanna will be hosting the mommy bunch calls. She will pop into the call periodically throughout the two-hour window each week to say hello and make sure you feel welcome!
This event is free and open to the public, but we do request you RSVP via Eventbrite to receive the meeting room link.…/the-mommy-bunch-tickets…
Note: We do request all moms on the call join with video and microphone.

The Fire Engines of Postpartum Anxiety

By all accounts, I knew we had what most would consider a relatively easy baby. But, you’d never know that based on how I was handling life at that point.

HER Expert Panel Winter Roundtable

HER Health Collective roundtables provide an opportunity for us to bring our panel of experts together to discuss important issues that are relevant to mothers in our community. The topics discussed in this session include: Improving access to care – reaching low-income mothers and families, improve collaboration in the health and wellness industry (when and where to refer), changing societal conversations and the structure of an antiquated system.

Reduce the Picky Eating Struggle

It’s important to understand that picky eating is normal for young children. A child may eat a whole lot of one food one day, and the next day they are all about another food. Children use intuition to pick the foods that they are going to eat. Maggie explains this using research and how to minimize the eating struggles.

Optimizing the Pelvic Floor After Kids – April Workshop

There is so much misinformation on pelvic floor issues and pelvic floor physical therapy out there.  So many of the issues have become normalized.  It’s never normal to experience urinary incontinence or have pelvic pain with sex. Dr. Lindsay Moses & Dr. Erika Grace discuss these topics to provide accurate details.

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