Vaginitis: How Women May Unknowingly Be Making It Worse

Dr. Watson provides education on vaginitis and desquamative inflammatory vaginitis (DIV). She provides clarification on mistakes women often make about treating these conditions and what to consider if chronic vaginitis is experienced.

Therapeutic Bottle Feeding

There are ways to approach bottle feeding that can mirror direct breastfeeding, so as to provide the maximum therapeutic value to bottle feeding.

The Habit of Predicting the Future

It’s as if we use a predictive text feature in our brain. It’s challenging to see how things will play out without any assumptions or judgments of what’s coming next. But if we release the assumptions and judgements we may find that our future looks much brighter.

Mom’s Self Care: Mixed Tape Art Fun (Non-Members $10)

Music and Art are both great ways to practice self-care. We are going to mush them together for a fun hour of creative release!
About this Event
This is all about experimenting and having fun so don’t worry about using any precious materials. Fit for a sketchbook or small pieces of paper, just use whatever you have on hand. Grab your kid’s fingerpaints, washable markers, colored pencils, or box of broken crayons!

Whether you listen to vinyl, cassettes or digital tunes, we will assemble five to eight of the group’s favorite tunes. As each song plays, we will let the music guide us in creating our own personal artistic masterpiece… or scribble… both are fantastic!

This is sure to be a fun break from the week and will undoubtedly involve lots of laughter. We hope you can join us!

* * * * *

This event is free to HER Circle members. Non-members are welcome to join for just $10, please purchase your ticket via Eventbrite to receive the meeting room link to your inbox.

Members do not need to purchase a ticket on Eventbrite and can access the zoom link via the Monday member email or the private Facebook group.

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Wait, There are Unhealthy Reasons to Workout?

Working out is widely accepted as healthy, no matter what. However, that is not always the case. In fact, there are some situations where exercising might not be a healthy choice at all.

Integrating Work and Motherhood

Natalie discusses why she hopes to banish the phrase work/life balance from our dictionary and talks us through techniques that will help us implement the concept of work/life integration instead.

Mom’s Self Care: Artistic Practices for your Well-Being

Wellness is a hot topic these days. Sometimes it can be worthwhile to approach wellness from a new perspective.

Join HER Health Collective for a fun session with local artist, Susie Silver.

Susie will lead us through an informative, interactive and relaxing introduction to the world of creative practice for wellness.

Unlocking a creative practice helps you silence the abundance of noise in our world, be present and care for your mind and body in mindful ways. Susie will coach us through hands on creative practices and provide you the tools to continue your creative practice on your own.

This workshop is perfect for all artistic and non-artistic skill levels.

Supplies Needed:

3-5 pens, pencils or markers. Anything you have around the house will work well!
5-10 pieces of white paper. The paper can be blank, lined loose or in a notebook.
Open mindset willing to learn.
* * * * *

HER Expert Panel Summer Roundtable

HER Health Collective roundtables provide an opportunity for us to bring our panel of experts together to discuss important issues that are relevant to mothers in our community. The topics discussed in this session include: Diet Trends, How Food Affects Us, Supplementation, Fasting, and Dietary Restriction.