Peace Out 2020 Walk

Join your mom friends for a socially distanced morning walk as we say “peace out” to 2020 and welcome in a new year!
Partners and kids and welcome to join for this one. The trail is stroller friendly.
This is limited to members and their immediate family to limit size and allow us to adhere to social distancing guidelines.
Members, please see the private page for meeting location and additional details.

MEMBER EVENT: Lantern Walk

On Sunday, November 1st, families across the country will turn the clocks back. How can we help our kids,
and ourselves, embrace this change and bring hope forward into 2021? With a virtual Lantern Walk!
This lovely, annual tradition hosted by Tinkergarten is easy to do and a beautiful tradition to start with your kids.
On and around November 1st, families all across the country will go on Lantern Walks to welcome the end of
daylight saving time and lean into this big, natural change with joy.
Hundreds of thousands of people, big and small, will light lanterns and head outside to walk, sing and
enjoy the beauty of little lights against the new fall darkness. This chance to feel connected to one another
and the natural world can help us all balance out a year full of change and provide us a lasting dose of
hope to carry into the upcoming winter and 2021!
HER Circle members are invited to join us at the Big Field of Dix Park with your partner, family, and friends for a socially distanced lantern walk. Please come with your lanterns ready to go. (If you are unable to craft your lanterns in advance, a flashlight or battery-operated lantern will work too).
Find directions on how to make your lanterns here:
We will plan to meet around 5:30pm with a short “walk” beginning around 5:45 (dusk).