Wellness Minutes w/ Renee Avis, Confidence Coach

Renee guides, supports, challenges, and motivates individuals using her 14 years of experience as a psychotherapist where she has helped many women struggling with eating disorders, body image, depression, anxiety and figuring out how to navigate through life’s challenges. Renee has also created a program just for moms. This program focuses on helping moms get to the root of what is really keeping them from being confident as a mom. How to no longer be dragged down by ongoing negative self-talk. And come out of this program with a confidence that will never leave them and have the knowledge and know-how of raising their daughters to be strong independent girls.

Wellness Minutes w/ Women’s Health Coach, Julie Keta

Julie is a Certified Women’s Health Coach with a passion for guiding Moms to flourish into their best selves. Julie’s coaching role includes helping moms uncover their strengths, ideas, resources, and the skills they bring to their health journey, while also becoming more aware of any challenges, weaknesses, or fears that may be holding them back from creating change. Ultimately, the collaborative coaching relationship is grounded in helping the Mom navigate the trickiness of lifestyle shifts in order to allow them to flourish into a life aligned with their vision for their unique health.

Wellness Minutes w/ Parent Coach, Caitilyn Madeiros

Saturday, July 31st – 1-4pm (30-minute sessions)
Parent Coach Consults w/ Caitilyn Maderios
Caitilyn is a PCI Certified Parent Coach ®. She uses a powerful coaching model to assist parents in creating the family life they want, based on their own unique values, skills, and circumstances. In addition, Caitilyn is an instructor at the Parent Coaching Institue, helping other budding coaches along their journey. Prior to becoming a parent coach, Caitilyn taught elementary school for 16 years, working together with parents in support of their young children. She’s also a mama, and has done loads of research on gentle and respectful parenting models and methods. She is a great listener, and insightful questioner, and a cheerleader for parents making positive change.

Wellness Minutes w/ RDN, Maggie Perkins

Wednesday, July 28th – 9:30am- 12:30pm (30-minute sessions)
Nutrition consults w/ Maggie Perkins
Maggie Perkins is a Registered Dietitian that helps individuals and families feel confident about nutrition while emphasizing food enjoyment and body respect. As a dietitian, she has assisted people in shaping their health behaviors since 2011. She specializes in weight-inclusive care and family nutrition. Maggie works with clients who have concerns about weight, blood pressure and/or cholesterol and are tired of dieting for weight loss. She also works with parents in family feeding.