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Managing Social Anxiety as a Mom

You know that mom that you’ve come across a few times who seems a little awkward, you’re a little unsure about who she is and whether or not you kind of want to bring her in. Guess what? She’s not stuck up. She’s anxious.

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A Functional Medicine Back to School Checklist

Each child has unique needs to optimize their mental and physical wellness. However, there are several general recommendations that many children and families can benefit from. Here are some fundamentals for your “Back to School” checklist specific to academic performance.

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Is My Period Normal?

Dr. Erika is a Family Medicine Physician who says that many of her patients are so embarrassed to ask questions about their period. Why are women embarrassed to talk about what happens every single month for several decades of their life? In this interview, Dr. Aragona breaks it down into what’s normal and what’s not normal. Because a lot of women have no idea.

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Four Mindset Shifts to Support Your Health Journey

In her nutritional practice, Katherine spends a lot of time on the topic of mindset shifts and helping people think a little differently. Mindset and our language that’s involved with it, meaning how we really believe and think about it, is a super important piece of the process. Katherine shares four mindset shifts that she focuses on with her clients.

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The Mindset of Returning to Fitness: In Postpartum and Beyond

There can be a lot of unknowns when returning to movement and fitness whether you are postpartum, or you are establishing/reestablishing a movement routine beyond postpartum. Jenna discusses the need of feeling what it’s like to ‘not be ready yet’ in order to understand what it feels like ‘to be ready.’

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