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2022 Expert Roundtable – Winter

HER Experts discuss so-called “mom brain”, and also explore aging, changes in hormones, and the effects our stage of life can have on our overall health. The experts discuss how these issues impact a mother as well as her children and ways to navigate these challenges.

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Dismantling Snapback Culture in Motherhood

Snapback culture says that after having a baby, a woman should somehow and immediately “snapback” into her previous body or possibly even a “better” (read: thinner and/or more toned) body. It is rooted in diet culture and patriarchy. It’s time to dismantle snapback culture.

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Three Mindsets That Keep Us From Saying No

Did you know that your biggest asset isn’t time, it’s energy? Dr. Charryse Johnson explains how important it is to practice saying one word in order to reclaim your energy. She also discusses the mindsets that stand in the way. Never fear! Dr. Johnson gives two action steps you can start now if saying no is difficult for you.

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What Does Core Mean?

Dr. Holly Durney estimates that approximately 75% of her time is spent teaching her patients about the core. In this short video, Dr. Durney explains what is meant when the statement “tighten your core” is made.

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Magnesium, You Sexy Thing

This magical mineral is regularly discussed as an option to help what ails you. But, what type of magnesium is best for your particular health concerns?

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The Art of Mastering Conflict: Can We Talk?

Couples struggle to manage conflict. Many haven’t developed the skills to have difficult conversations about feelings or effectively listen to one another. This difficulty handling conflict can spill over into other aspects of the relationship such as sexual satisfaction, finances and parenting.

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