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Three Common Missteps Women Make with Their Health and Nutrition

Katherine Andrew works with a lot of women in her nutrition practice, Nourish to Flourish. She sees the common missteps that they’re taking in regard to the health and nutrition space. In this brief video, Katherine shares some of those missteps she sees women making and suggests ways to do it differently.

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Managing Social Anxiety as a Mom

You know that mom that you’ve come across a few times who seems a little awkward, you’re a little unsure about who she is and whether or not you kind of want to bring her in. Guess what? She’s not stuck up. She’s anxious.

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A Functional Medicine Back to School Checklist

Each child has unique needs to optimize their mental and physical wellness. However, there are several general recommendations that many children and families can benefit from. Here are some fundamentals for your “Back to School” checklist specific to academic performance.

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